Tiger Iron Crystal Meanings

Tiger Iron Tumble

Tiger iron is a combination of golden Tiger Eye, Hematite, and Red Jasper. It contains the properties of all the stones that make it up. This crystal also contains a synergy of the combination itself. It has another name as well: Mugglestone.

What would you use this stone for in crystal healing treatments, or grids?

Spiritual, Metaphysical, Energy and Historical Crystal Healing Meanings

Please remember that healing crystal meanings are not medical advice. Crystal healing is a support for healing and wellness. See a doctor about any illness or injury in addition to crystal healing.

  • Self-healing: Tiger Iron is especially helpful for self-healing whether it be physical, emotional, or mental.
  • Health: It brings a strong physical vitality.
  • Circulatory System: It is also helpful for the entire circulatory system.
  • Mental Burn-out: This crystal helps heal mental burn-out and the stress and stress-related issues that go with it.
  • B Vitamins: It also helps assimilate B Vitamins properly.
  • Muscles: It strengthens the muscles.
  • Reproductive System: And it is helpful for the entire reproductive system.
  • Digestion: It also aids digestion and digestive problems including stomach, gallbladder, and liver issues.
  • Pain: Tiger Iron also eases and soothes pain.
Tiger Iron Rough Tumbled

How can you improve your life with Tiger Iron?

Ritual, Sacred, Metaphysical Properties, Gemstone Meanings, and Traditional Uses In Ancient and Modern Life

  • Grounding: Tiger Iron is a powerfully grounding stone that does not feel as if it makes your energy heavier.
  • Personal Power: It boosts personal power, especially to get past more difficult obstacles.
  • Focus: It brings focused mental clarity and focused willpower.
  • Truth: It also helps to see the truth clearly.
  • Protection: This stone shields you from negativity. It protects during spirit guidance. And it protects you from getting your feelings hurt. It can also make you feel safe. It is special protection for those who are spacey and need grounding.
  • Creative Expression: It increases creative endeavors and artistic ability. It also boosts imagination.
  • Creating Your Reality: Tiger Iron helps you feel confident in creating your reality.
  • Complete Tasks: It can also help complete tasks, projects, even business ventures.
  • Family Stress: This stone can ease family stress and promote family cooperation.
Matte Tumbled Tiger Iron
  • Courage: It also fosters courage, especially courage of convictions.
  • Spiritual Beliefs: Additionally, it helps you live your spiritual beliefs with integrity.
  • Past Life: This crystal helps you become aware of past life talents and integrate them into your present life.
  • Self-confidence: Tiger Iron promotes self-confidence and self-esteem. It also helps you stand up for yourself. And it allows you to set boundaries without fear or guilt.
  • Feelings: It can help you keep them to yourself when needed.
  • Motivation: This stone gets you going in whatever area you need motivation.
  • Desires: Additionally, it assists you in understanding your sexual desires and being more comfortable with them.
  • Clearing: It also needs energetic clearing less frequently than many stones. Just practice being aware of when its energy feels sluggish to know when it needs clearing.

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I have found Tiger Iron to be a sizzling grounding stone. By that, I mean that it feels like it is grounding without stagnating energy in any way. I have found this especially helpful in creative projects whether it’s painting or making jewelry. I feel like it could help with any type of creative endeavor.

Another Rough Tumble Tiger Iron

Chakras and Other Associations

Tiger Iron relates to the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Solar Plexus Chakra. See the Chakras Pages to learn more about the chakras. It also relates to the elements Fire and Earth.

You can find mineral information like localities at mindat.org.

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