Silver Crystal Meanings

Silver Crystal
Silver Crystal. Photo: Alchemist-hp (talk) ( – Own work (additional processed by Waugsberg), CC BY-SA 3.0 de, Link

About Silver

Silver is a natural metal mineral. It enhances the energy of crystals and stones. Also, it is a purifier. In ancient times Silver was used to purify water and to purify wounds so they would not rot. Hippocrates wrote that Silver was beneficial for healing wounds and diseases. Even today, colloidal Silver is used as antimicrobial and Silver sulfadiazine as a cream for burns.

Silver may sometimes seem to take a back seat to Gold. However, during the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs, it was more precious than Gold because it was harder to acquire. Cyrus the Great, a Persian King, established drinking water from a particular stream, boiled, then put in giant Silver containers for this subject’s health.

What would you use Silver for in crystal healing rituals and grids?

Spiritual, Metaphysical, Energy, and Historical Crystal Healing Meanings

  • Negative Energy: Silver can draw out negative energy within the body, allowing it to heal itself.
  • Toxins: Eliminates toxins at the level of the blood and the cells.
  • Hepatitis: This mineral can heal hepatitis and help the liver.
  • Fever and Inflammation: This metal can lower fever. It also can reduce inflammation.
  • Nervous System: This mineral can reduce the problems of the nervous system. It can also stimulate the system if needed.
  • Pituitary: This crywstal boosts the pituitary gland.
  • Infectious Disease: This mineral can mend the symptoms and course of infectious disease, including the flu.
  • Vitamins: It increases the absorption of vitamins A and E.
  • Unstable Vision Disorders: This mineral can stabilize and improve vision disorders. These would include the partially detached retina and nystagmus, as well as others.
  • Fertility: When worn at the belt level, it can increase fertility. It can also eliminate impotence.
  • Releasing and Cleansing: Silver is good for cleansing and freeing mental, emotional, and physical. This brings more precise energy to the body, allowing it to heal itself more easily.
Silver Granules
Silver Granules. Photo: AdobeStock

More Crystal Healing Meanings

  • Respiratory: Silver helps respiratory ailments due to irritants. Second-hand cigarette smoke is one example.
  • Disinfectant: Silver is a powerful disinfectant and also anti-bacterial.
  • Brain Disease: This mineral can help with degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
  • Memory: Also, it can help with poor memory, particularly when related to brain issues.
  • Emotional Imbalances: It can settle emotional imbalance. This also calms irrational fears.
  • DNA: This mineral can boost cellular regeneration. It can also foster DNA repair.
  • Hysteria: This metal calms hysteria and related issues.
  • Schizophrenia: This mineral can help with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder.
  • Birthing: This metal can assist with birthing in a literal or figurative sense. Rebirthing would be a “figurative” type of birthing.
  • Spine: This mineral can help with many disorders of the spine.

Please remember that healing crystal meanings are not medical advice. See a doctor or other licensed healthcare practitioner about any illness or injury.

Silver Nodules
Silver Nodules. Photo: AdobeStock

How can you improve your life with Silver?

Ritual, Sacred, Metaphysical, and Traditional Uses In Ancient and Modern Life

  • Balance: This mineral is a balancing agent for other minerals and crystals. It can smooth out their energy.
  • Advantage: It is said to bring advantage or “the edge” throughout life.|
  • Calming: This metal is uniquely calming, especially in its native form. It brings peace to the self and situations.
  • Balancing: Also, this mineral is balancing on all levels.
  • Psychic: This mineral also increases psychic and intuitive skills.
  • Clarity: Silver brings clarity and vision to those who use it in a ritual or on the higher chakras.
  • Eloquence: This mineral can bring eloquence to fit the situation. It also boosts popularity.
  • Mirror to the soul: This metal is a mirror to the soul in the same way water is in the moonlight. Gazing at it can show you things from the past, present, or future.

More Uses for Silver

  • Perseverance: This mineral brings patience to persevere in any situation.
  • Relationships: It can also help you feel secure in relationships. This is so even when things seem difficult.
  • Negativity: This metal can draw out negativity, bringing in beneficial energy.
  • Moon Energy: This is a metal of Moon energy. This is especially so during full and new moons. It can increase and enhance the powers of the Moon.
  • Energize Stones: This mineral energizes stones, especially Moonstone, Amethyst, and Quartz. It also stimulates pearl.

Silver Jewelry. Photo: AdobeStock
  • Astral and Physical Body: It also enhances the connection between the astral body and the physical body. This is often called the silver cord between the two.
  • In Jewelry: When used to make jewelry, it both boosts and steadies the gemstone’s energy.
  • Elixir: This mineral can bring additional energy to the gems when making a gem elixir.
  • Abundance: It brings an abundance of health. It can also bring an abundance of material wealth.

Even More Uses

  • Communication: Silver boosts regular communication. It also promotes psychic communication.
  • Flow: This metal can tune you into the flow of the universe.
  • Negativity: This mineral reflects negativity away from you. Likewise, it is protection from spirits and evil entities such as vampires and werewolves.
  • Spaces: At home, Silver improves spaces for working with a group. It also enhances the group’s concentration.
  • Spiritual Life: You can wear and use Silver to boost and purify your spiritual life.
  • Scrying: This is excellent for scrying. This is especially true when it is made into a mirror.
  • Visualization: It is also exceptional at boosting visualization.
  • Focus: This mineral excels at boosting focus. In this, it can assist forming conscious intent for any work or project.
  • Adaptability: This metal can boost your ability to adapt to any situation.
  • New Beginnings: This mineral assists new beginnings. It also avoids destructive patterns from the past.
  • Psychic Dreams: Having this metal under your pillow or worn to bed as jewelry can increase psychic dreams. It can also prevent nightmares.

Everyday Silver Uses

Silver is used often in alloys with copper or Germanium or even Gold. Some of these alloys come intermixed with native mineral. In the man-made composites, the Silver generally has the highest concentration. The additional metals in the alloy make the Silver more sturdy, less costly, and things like that. For Sterling, for example, 925 parts out of a thousand are Silver. Argentium® has 930 to 950 parts silver. The addition of the Germanium is to make the alloy resistant to tarnish. Argentium® is also considered hypoallergenic due to its total lack of nickel.

Silver has historically been used in jewelry, coins, silverware, and other useful items. Today, though, its primary use is in things ranging from solar panels to cell phones.

I have always been a Silver person. Even before I knew that as a Cancerian, this mineral would naturally be a metal I am partial to. My choice is always Silver. That’s why I work almost exclusively in Silver in my jewelry art.

Chakras and Other Associations

Silver associates with all Chakras, smoothing the flow of energy between them. It also opens the Third Eye Chakra when placed on the forehead. See the Chakra Pages to learn more about the chakras.

Silver is associated with the sun sign Cancer. Keeping or using it is especially beneficial for us Cancerians. It also relates to the element Water and the direction West. Also, it is seen as a feminine elemental. It is used to honor the Moon Goddess of whatever name, Selene in Greek, Artemis in Roman, Al-Uzza in Nabatean, Luna, Diana, and Isis as well.
Silver works well with all crystals, especially Selenite, Amethyst, and Pearl. has mineralogical information for Silver.

See additional references and resources on crystals an metals. or mineral information. Discover other stones at The Sacred Crystal Meanings. Also, learn ways to clear and charge your crystals.

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