Shungite Crystal Meanings

Noble Shungite specimen
Noble Shungite

Shungite crystal meanings is an introduction to this form of elemental–single mineral–carbon that is unique because it contains fullerenes and is not graphite nor diamond. Fullerenes are spherical or cylindrical arrangements of dozens of carbon atoms. They are called “bucky balls” or “bucky tubes”, respectively.

Shungite looks similar to coal except for the Elite or Noble variety which looks silvery. Noble Shungite stones are 94% or more carbon and are the most desired crystals for all meanings. Other types have less but are still mostly carbon. The name Shungite is for the Shunga region of the Karelia area of Russia. There it has been traditionally used for centuries to purify and cleanse.

Shungite is the “Stone of Life” and the “Stone of Fruition”. It is a stone of purification and protection. Most use it in water for purification. It has also been hailed as a miracle mineral. There have been some studies that seem to support claims that it purifies and helps, however nothing is conclusive.

What would you use Shungite for in crystal healing treatments, or grids?

Spiritual, Metaphysical, Energy and Historical Shungite Crystal Meanings For Healing

Please remember that healing crystal meanings are not medical advice. Crystal healing is support for healing and wellness. See a doctor or other licensed healthcare practitioner about any illness or injury in addition to any crystal healing.

  • General Health: Shungite helps gain and maintain general good health.
  • Heart Disease: This stone supports the healing of heart disease.
  • Allergies: This mineral eases symptoms of allergies. It also eases the actual state of the allergy itself.
  • Skin Disease: This crystal helps all manner of skin diseases. Shungite water can soothe skin problems.
  • Arthritis: Also, This mineral is helpful when suffering from arthritis. It also brings suppleness to the arthritic joints.
  • Antioxidant: This stone is a natural antioxidant.
  • Bath Water: It is also a purifying bathwater.
  • Youthful: You can feel and stay active with youthful vigor with this stone.
  • Acute and Chronic Illness: This mineral supports the healing of both acute and chronic illnesses.
  • Chronic GI Disease: This mineral also supports the healing of chronic gastrointestinal disease or disorder. It also soothes the sufferer of these diseases.
Shungite pyramid example
Shungite Pyramid
  • Organs: Shungite can purify the organs of the body. Especially the liver and kidneys can be purified.
  • Metabolism: This mineral promotes balanced metabolism that supports all the body’s functions.
  • Toxins: Toxins of all kinds can be relieved and released with the purification of this stone.
  • Viruses: This crystal diminishes or removes viruses and their symptoms.
  • Anti-inflammatory: This stone is a powerful anti-inflammatory
  • Sleep: Restful sleep arises from keeping Shungite under your pillow or on your nightstand.
  • Backaches: It also relieves backaches.
  • Energy: And it smooths and stabilizes the energy and related processes in the body.

I feel I must let you know that I have read in one place that Shungite should not be used if you suffer from acute cardiovascular disease, psychological disorders, acute phases of chronic infectious diseases, or late stages of pregnancy. I had not heard that before, but just in case, I believe it is worth mentioning.

How can you improve your life with Shungite?

Ritual, Sacred, Metaphysical Properties, and Traditional Shungite Gemstone Meanings In Ancient and Modern Life

  • Meditation or Prayer: Expands consciousness when held or kept nearby during meditation or prayer.
  • Purification: Shungite purifies areas or rooms.
  • Electromagnetic Radiation: This stone washes away the electromagnetic smog from computers, microwaves, televisions, cell phones, and more from modern life.
  • Protection: This stone protects the house when placed near doors and windows. It also protects people when held, worn, or carried.
  • Psychic Protection: Wearing or carrying it brings psychic protection, also.

More Uses

Shungite for Purifying Water
  • Emotional Balance: This mineral evens out the emotions and brings emotional balance.
  • “Evil Eye”: Shungite wards off the evil eye.
  • Stress: This mineral reduces stress and brings relaxation and calm.
  • Air: This crystal purifies the air in its energy field, even the air outdoors near the crystal.
  • Items: This stone purifies items such as coins or combs or scissors, etc.
  • Palm Massage: Use spheres of this stone to massage the palms, loosen the hands, and hit acupressure points.
  • Blessings: This mineral brings positive blessings to those in its field of energy.
  • Decisions: You can make better decisions with this stone. Use it to help by holding it or placing it near you when you have to make a decision, large or small.

A couple of notes about Shungite:

  • Clear and recharge your Shungite regularly. Some say as often as every day or two. Just leave it in a safe place in the sun for a couple of days.
  • Clean Shungite before using it. This is just to get rid of any dust you might accidentally ingest.

Shungite is available in many forms now for accessing its crystal meanings and metaphysical properties. Rough or tumbled stones also often purify water. Pendants can help you individually with any of the above issues. Thin plates with magnets or adhesive are used on electronics to protect from electromagnetic radiation. Additionally, use spheres for acupressure and purify environments like the office or healing room. Tumbled stones are also used to form grids. The applications are as broad as your imagination.

Root Chakra Symbol
Root Chakra Symbol

Chakras and Other Associations

Shungite is associated with all of the chakras, especially the Root Chakra
See the Chakras Pages to learn more about the chakras. Shungite also relates to the Element of Earth. Additionally, “Pharaoh” Cylinders of this stone strengthen the aura.

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