Preseli Bluestone – Stonehenge Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone at Stonehenge
Stonehenge with Preseli Bluestone Photo: K. Mitch Hodge at Unsplash

Preseli Bluestone is also called Stonehenge Bluestone or Preseli Dolerite. Additionally, it is also called simply Bluestone or Preseli. It is often misspelled as Presili.

This crystal is a type of Dolerite or Diabase that comes only from the UK. It is a combination of minerals. And the combination varies. The most exciting thing to me about Preseli Bluestone is that it is the stone that Stonehenge is made of.

Preseli Bluestone was used at least in the third phase of construction at Stonehenge. Each piece weighs 2-4 tons. And there are 43 pieces left out of an estimated 80. It is not known whether these huge stones were moved from the Preseli Mountains in Wales to Wiltshire by glaciers or by man. It is a puzzle I hope we can solve one day. For now, we do have the beautiful and powerful Preseli Bluestone to use in our physical and spiritual works.

Many people find Preseli Bluestone confusing at first. It is often not very blue in the polished form we see most often. Then it appears more green with speckles of black and spots of white. You can also find it with shades of purple or yellow. In its natural form, it is bluer, especially when wet or just broken.

Preseli bluestone palm stone
Preseli Bluestone Photo: Robyn Harton

What would you use Preseli Bluestone for in crystal healing rituals, treatments, or grids?

Spiritual, Metaphysical, Energy and Historical Crystal Healing Meanings

  • Caution: In order to heal with this crystal, you need extensive training, up to 2 years. For that reason, only trained healers should do the work noted below.
  • Emotional Healing: This stone can help release emotional baggage to allow for emotional healing.
  • Headaches: While this stone may cause headaches due to its high energy, turning it to face the East can resolve them.
  • Bones: This crystal can help heal small broken bones.
  • Immune System: Also, this stone can help heal the immune system.
  • Throat: Additionally, it can assist in healing problems associated with the area of the throat.
  • Heart Rhythms: It can help regulate palpitations of the heart or tachycardia.

Please remember that healing crystal meanings are not medical advice. See a doctor or other licensed healthcare practitioner about any illness or injury in addition to crystal healing.

Preseli Bluestone Bracelet
Preseli Bluestone Bracelet
Photo: AdobeStock

How can you improve your life with Preseli Bluestone?

Ritual, Sacred, Metaphysical, and Traditional Uses In Ancient and Modern Life

  • Protection: This crystal protects your loved ones, home, property, valuables. It also protects your own spiritual and physical security.
  • Luck: This stone is an ancient talisman of luck.
  • Doubt: This crystal guards your beliefs against doubt.
  • Courage: Preseli Bluestone fosters courage and soul-based strength.
  • Distractions: This crystal helps remove distractions in life. Thus, it helps your focus.
  • Willpower: This stone can also strengthen your willpower and your resolve.
  • Self-Growth: Learning about yourself and stretching your boundaries are properties of this crystal.
  • Past Life: This crystal can help you access and learn from your past lives, particularly those from Celtic Britain, ancient Egypt, and Atlantis.
  • Meditation: This stone is an excellent aid to meditation. It also engenders positive energy that makes meditation more helpful.
Preseli bluestone palm stone
Preseli Bluestone Palm Stone Photo: Robyn Harton
  • Psychic Abilities: Keeping this crystal under your pillow at night can help boost clairvoyance. It also boosts clairsentience, dowsing, geomancy, and Tarot reading.
  • Spirituality: This stone enhances spirituality.
  • Grounding: This crystal is strongly grounding, connecting one energetically to the center of the Earth.
  • Spaciness: This stone can make you feel quite spacey. A rest after using it can ameliorate that sensation. Also, you can use an additional grounding stone to prevent or stop the feeling.
  • Truth: This crystal enables you to have clarity and know whether someone is speaking the truth. This crystal also tells you about the real meaning of communications.
  • Highest Good: This stone can bring about the highest good in a situation
  • Earth Healing: This stone helps you heal the earth if you choose to do so.

Chakra(s) and Other Associations

Preseli Bluestone associates with the Heart, Throat, and Solar Plexus chakras. See the Chakras Pages to learn more about the chakras. It also links with the goddess Asherah. And its associated Element is Earth. In Chinese Medicine, it links the Heart and Stomach Meridians.

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Preseli Bluestone at,
which is where I got the palm stone in the photos.

You can find information about where this stone comes from at They also have information on Dolerite.

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