Moonstone Crystal Meanings

Blue Moonstone example
Blue Moonstone. Photo: AdobeStock

Moonstone gets its name from the way it looks like it has moonlight shining through thin clouds. To put it differently, the scattering of light through the stone is called alurescence. It is the heart of the moon in a beautiful gemstone. Additionally, this beautiful crystal comes in white, cream, peach, yellow, blue, green, gray, and black. Not only a beautiful stone, but it also has metaphysical properties of intuition, psychic abilities, new beginnings, and calming emotions.

What would you use Moonstone for in crystal healing treatments, rituals, or grids?

Sacred, Spiritual, Energy and Historical Healing Uses

Please remember that healing crystal meanings are not medical advice. Crystal healing is support for healing and wellness. See a doctor or other licensed healthcare practitioner about any illness or injury in addition to crystal healing.

  • Emotions: Moonstone calms the emotions, and this relieves stress-related illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Additionally, this can cause deep emotional healing.
  • Insomnia: This crystal can relieve insomnia. Equally important it eliminates insomnia without causing sleepwalking.
  • Digestive: The whole system gets an assist when this stone helps eliminate toxins and fluid retention.
  • Food Headaches: Many use this gemstone to relieve food headaches.
  • Hair, Skin, Eyes: Moonstone reduces conditions of the hair skin and eyes.
  • Female Concerns: This crystal is excellent for PMS, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.
  • Biological Clock: This gemstone is excellent for problems with your biological clock.
  • Cancer: Crystal healers use Moonstone for various types of cancer, especially uterine and breast cancers.
  • Degenerative diseases: This stone, especially the pink or black varieties, lessens degenerative diseases. As such, it especially helps multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.
Peach Moonstone pendant
Peach Moonstone. Photo: AdobeStock

How can you improve your life with Moonstone?

Ritual, Sacred, Metaphysical Properties, Gemstone Meanings, and Traditional Uses In Ancient and Modern Life

Hindus believed that Moonstone was solidified moonbeams. Also, legend has it that you could see the future during a full moon if you held this stone in your mouth. Ancient Romans believed the stone had captured the light of the moon. This crystal is also called the “Stone of New Beginnings.”

  • Psychic Abilities: Intuition and psychic abilities are promoted by this crystal. It especially increases clairvoyance.
  • New Beginnings: This gemstone is particularly suitable to use in rituals related to new beginnings, such as for moving into a new home
  • Cycles: Moonstone brings knowledge that all is part of a changing cycle, like the moon’s cycle.
  • Dreamwork: This crystal excels at assisting dreamwork.
  • Empathy: This stone increases understanding and empathy.
  • Emotions: As mentioned above, this crystal calms emotions. This emotional calm improves life by decreasing overreactions to emotional triggers.
  • Synchronicity: This crystal opens the mind to synchronicity in life.
  • Receptive Energy: Promotes the receptive energy and creative parts of yourself with this stone.
Rough Moonstone Example
Moonstone Rough. Photo: AdobeStock

Additional Meanings and Metaphysical Properties

  • Validation: Moonstone reminds Cancerians and sensitives that their wants and needs are also valid.
  • Self-Discovery: Whether one is up to a dip in the pool of self-discovery or a deep dive, this crystal can assist.
  • Interdimensional Awareness: You can increase your interdimensional awareness with this stone.
  • Represents and Brings: This gemstone represents celebration, awareness, and manifestation. With this in mind, use it at full moon to express gratitude. When you do this, you begin a cycle of abundance.
  • Direction: With this crystal, you can find direction when you are feeling lost. You can also find your life purpose.
  • Travelers & Others: “Traveler’s Stone” is a name for moonstone. In a word, it is particularly good luck for travelers during their travels. It is also good luck for others. Carry it in a pocket or elsewhere on the body to get this good luck.
  • Home: This crystal makes a happy home.
  • Past Life Regression: This gemstone eases the way. It also amplifies the power of past life regression.

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Chakras and More

Moonstone is primarily related to the Crown Chakra. Various colors are also related to other chakras by color. For instance, peach is connected with the Sacral Chakra, and blue is related to the Throat Chakra. See the Chakras pages to learn more about the chakras.

Mineralogical information is at Gemological information can be found at

There have been a lot of discussions, sometimes heated, about whether Rainbow Moonstone is actually Moonstone. Many maintain that it definitely is. Others say it is definitely clear labradorite. Both are feldspar based stones. So, they are related stones. Various well-respected mineral information resources, such as and Gem Institute of America, disagree on whether Rainbow Moonstone is a Moonstone or clear Labradorite. I believe they could both be called Moonstone either way. However, you will have to decide for yourself; follow your gut instinct. Enjoy both of whatever name.

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