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Natural Diamonds
Raw Diamond Crystals.

Diamond is well known as a love stone due to its use in engagement rings. It is also known as the “Stone of Innocence,” “King of Crystals,” Diamunde, and Moonlight Diamond. It comes in virtually all the colors of the rainbow, but colorless is generally the most valuable. In addition to love, this gemstone is known for its properties of harmony, reducing anger, and hope.

What would you use Diamond for in crystal healing treatments, rituals, or grids?

Sacred, Spiritual, Energy, and Historical Healing Uses

Please remember that healing crystal meanings are not medical advice. Crystal healing is support for healing and wellness. See a doctor or other licensed healthcare practitioner about any illness or injury.

Crystal healers have historically used ground Diamond powder to make ointments and salves. Diamond is used in sacred healing for:

  • Healing Frequency: This crystal has the highest healing frequency for any ailment.
  • Aura Expansion: This gemstone expands the aura (energy field) which helps healing.
  • Emotional: This stone promotes healing from trauma or other emotional disturbance.
  • Headaches: This crystal can reduce and sometimes cure headaches.
  • Life Span: This stone is said to be helpful for increasing life span.
  • Shingles: This gemstone soothes shingles outbreaks. It also lessens the length of the outbreak.
  • Healing: This crystal brings outstanding overall healing to the whole person.
  • Works well with other crystals: Consequently it enhances their healing qualities.

Keep in mind that healing crystal meanings are not prescriptions or medical advice. See a doctor or other licensed healthcare practitioner about any illness or injury, in addition to any crystal healing.

Diamond Rings
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How can you improve your life with Diamond?

Ritual, Sacred, and Traditional Uses In Ancient and Modern Life

Historicaslly, one place Diamond was used in the Breastplate of the Hebrew High Priest. Also, Diamond is for:

  • Relationships: This gemstone binds relationships, marriage engagements, and betrothals.
  • Sun: This crystal represents the sun in its center.
  • Harmony: This stone builds harmony.
  • Open Nature: Consequently, this gemstone brings a loving and open nature between two people.
  • Increases the energy and power of other stones: This gives it the name “King of Crystals”
  • Purpose: Diamond can reveal your true purpose.
  • Abundance: In turn, this gemstone brings abundance.
  • Courage: This crystal is a stone of courage, allowing you to face challenges without fear.
  • Fun: This stone is a stone of fun. Wear or carry it when you want to have a good time.
  • Anger: Likewise, this gemstone reduces anger.
  • Poison: This crystal boosts protection from poison.
Channel set Diamond
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Additional Metaphysical Properties of Diamond

  • Hope: This stone increases and instills hope.
  • Psychic Hearing and Sight: This crystal aids both clairaudience and clairvoyance.
  • Mind: Diamond fosters clarity of mind, enabling focus when needed.
  • Innocence: This crystal brings protection of innocence.
  • This gemstone brings balance, clarity, and courage.
  • Essence: This stone helps you get to the essence of a situation without distraction.
  • Person’s Depths: Thus, the crystal helps to see into a person’s depths.
  • Love: This stone fosters and increases love.
  • Discernment: Diamond provides discernment in situations and relationships.
  • Dowsing: This crystal is beneficial for dowsers and dowsing.
  • Decision-making: This stone increases decision-making skills, along with the discernment mentioned above.
Raw Diamonds on Black

Diamond is related to the Crown Chakra, which it activates. It can open all chakras. This gemstone expands the energy field or aura. Different color diamonds also relate to a secondary chakra by color. In fact, they may brown, black, blue, champagne, green, lilac, pink, red, or yellow instead of colorless. See the Chakras pages to discover more about the chakras.

There is mineral information about Diamond at mindat.org.  There is gemological data at gemdat.org.

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