Bloodstone Crystal Meanings

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Bloodstone was previously known as Heliotrope which is Greek for “sun turning”. People historically believed that putting the stone in water would make the sun reflect in red. Pliny, the ancient Roman philosopher used a mirror made of this stone to watch eclipses. There is also a legend that bloodstone was first formed at Christ’s crucifixion by drops of blood staining the rocks. Seftonite is another previous name for Bloodstone.
The modern name “Bloodstone” comes from the fact it is quite often found as dark-green chalcedony with red inclusions of red jasper or hematite (iron oxide). It occasionally has splashes of yellow or white.

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What would you use Bloodstone for in crystal healing treatments, or grids?

Spiritual, Metaphysical, Energy and Historical Crystal Healing Meanings

Please remember that healing crystal meanings are not medical advice. Crystal healing is a support for healing and wellness. See a doctor about any illness or injury, in addition to crystal healing.

  • Wounds: Bloodstone can help stop blood flow from a wound.
  • Mothers: It helps mothers understand their children to enable the best care for them.
  • Bone Marrow: It helps it strengthen the production of blood and fortifies it.
  • Blood Disorders: It also assists in the healing of anemia. Additionally, it purifies and fortifies the blood
  • Regulates Blood Flow: This stone boosts proper circulation.
  • Blood Cancers: It also can help with the healing of leukemia and other blood-related cancers.
  • Detoxifies: Additionally, it detoxifies the liver, kidneys, spleen, and bladder.
  • HIV/AIDS: Bloodstone can assist in ameliorating issues caused by HIV/AIDS.
  • Stimulates: It also stimulates both the liver and the endocrine system.
  • Female hormonal balance: This helps with PMS, menopause, pregnancy, and child-bearing.
  • Heart: Bloodstone fortifies the heart.
  • Diet: It also helps boost the beginning of a healthy diet plan to make it a regular habit.
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How can you improve your life with Bloodstone?

Ritual, Sacred, Metaphysical Properties, Gemstone Meanings, and Traditional Uses In Ancient and Modern Life

Ancient Greeks and Romans used it to bring long life and become rich.

  • “Audible Oracle”: Bloodstone was said to give off sound to guide the user.
  • “Stone of Courage”: Boosts courage and helps you learn how to avoid danger. It also helps you do the right thing, even when there are obstacles. Additionally, it helps you find your inner strength.
  • Increase: It also increases your energy and strength.
  • Life Balance: This stone brings creative ways to balance life, even in the face of everyday challenges.
  • Renewal: It brings renewal and revitalization to any endeavor, new path, or new approach to attain what we desire
  • Wealth: It also attracts wealth. Wear or carry bloodstone for full effect. To draw wealth into your home you can also keep it in a jar with some coins where the sun can shine on it.
  • Creative Activities: Wear this stone during creative activities for a creative boost. If you can’t wear it, you can also keep it close to your person such as in a pocket.
  • Grounding: Bloodstone is grounding and helps you live close to Earth energies.
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More Uses

  • Protection: It is also a very protecting stone.
  • Selflessness: Bloodstone fosters selflessness. It also inspires idealism.
  • Present Moment: It also helps you stay in the present moment.
  • Mind: This crystal calms the mind, dispels illusions, and boosts decision making.
  • Anti-bullying: Bloodstone works to stop bullying whether emotional or physical. It also helps at home, school, or work.
  • Support: This stone also supports single parents or single carers for an elderly person.
  • Discouragement: This stone also helps avoid discouragement in life, keep moving forward, and feel self-sufficient
  • Divine Connection: It also helps bring your spirituality into life in a real way.
  • Motivation: Additionally, it boosts motivation to get things done.
  • Rituals: It is used in goddess rituals, and for exploring past lives.
  • Dreams: Sleep with it under your pillow to help dreaming and help you feel revitalized on waking.
  • Intuition: This stone can help you develop your intuitive abilities.

Bloodstone is a stone with a wonderful feel to it, both physically and metaphysically. I had a rather large one (about 4 pounds) that I had kept under my bed for years. This explains the dreams I had during that time. I moved it and haven’t remembered my dreams much since. Perhaps I should retrieve it for my bed again.

Chakras and Other Associations

Bloodstone relates primarily to the Root Chakra where it dispels sluggishness. It relates also to the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. See the Chakras Pages to learn more about the chakras.

Bloodstone is a traditional March birthstone, and a November Biblical birthstone. It is the Aries zodiac stone and relates to the planet Mars and the element of Earth.

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