Ametrine Crystal Meanings


Ametrine is a naturally occurring combination of Amethyst and Citrine. Ametrine crystal meanings and energies come from both crystals. It also has a blend all its own. It is a stone of inspiration, creativity, and curiosity.

Why would I use Ametrine in crystal healing?

Sacred, Spiritual, Energy, and Historical Healing Uses

Please remember that healing crystal meanings are not medical advice. Crystal healing is support for healing and wellness. See a doctor or other licensed healthcare practitioner about any illness or injury.

  • RNA/DNA structure: Crystal healers use Ametrine to balance and fix RNA/DNA structure.
  • Oxygen Levels: This gemstone aids the balance of oxygen levels.
  • Lung Disease: Consequently, this crystal can help with COPD, lung cancer, or other lung diseases.
  • Metabolism/Food Digestion: This stone can increase metabolism and food digestion.
  • Body Weight: As a result, this crystal aids in regulating body weight.
  • Body Changes: This gemstone promotes the acceptance of bodily changes such as transplanted organs.
  • Puberty: Therefore, this crystal can help relieve difficulties related to puberty.
  • Menopause: Also, this stone can help with issues related to menopause.
  • Ulcers: Crystal healers use this gemstone for healing ulcers.
  • Trauma-related Disorder: This crystal can relieve mental illness or disorder due to trauma.
  • Nervous System: Ametrine can aid the nervous system.
  • Toxins: This stone aids in cleansing the blood of toxins and wastes.
  • Immune System: This crystal is useful for increasing the immune system’s function.
  • Common Cold: Thus, this stone is helpful for easing the common cold.
  • Allergic Reactions: This gemstone can decrease allergic reactions.
  • Asthma: Then this crystal can relieve allergic asthma. It can also be helpful in relieving other types of asthma.
  • Depression: Ametrine is a stone that is good for lifting depression.

Remember that healing crystal meanings are not medical advice. Crystal healing is support for healing and wellness. See a doctor or other licensed healthcare practitioner about any illness or injury in addition to crystal healing.

Ametrine Tumble

How Can I Improve My Life with Ametrine?

Ritual, Sacred, and Traditional Uses In Ancient and Modern Life

Ametrine has many uses. Some uses of this crystal relate to the balance of the two stones which make up Ametrine.  Some ways it is used are:

  • Developing Balance: This crystal can help develop balance in any sense. It could be yin/yang balance or mind/body/spirit balance. It could also be a physical balance. Additionally, it could be another type of balance.
  • Intellect: This stone can aid the improvement of the intellect.
  • Physical/Spiritual Connection: This gemstone is useful for increasing the connection between the physical and spiritual perfection.
  • Spiritual Realm: Equally, this crystal helps you connect with the spiritual realm
  • Guides and Angels: In addition, Ametrine is excellent for reaching your personal guides and angels.
  • Higher Self: This crystal aligns the human to the higher self. It also regulates the mind to the spiritual higher self.
Ametrine Crystal Cluster
  • Intuition and Practical Mind: This stone balances a person between intuition and practical mind/will. This keeps either being from being overwhelming.
  • Curiosity: This crystal fosters healthy curiosity in the young and old alike.
  • Inspiration and Creativity: This stone engenders inspiration and creativity in the arts and in life.
  • Concentration: Also, this gemstone can increase concentration.
  • Problem-solving: In turn, this crystal can improve problem-solving skills.
  • Aura: Ametrine also can remove negative energy from the aura and fill it with stable, positive energy.

Ametrine is associated with the Crown, Third Eye, and Solar Plexus Chakras. As a combination of Amethyst and Citrine, Ametrine is said to align the Crown and Solar Plexus chakras. Learn more about the chakras at the Chakras pages.

Ametrine is also known as Bolivianite for the country Bolivia. This is where some very beautiful Ametrine is found.

Additional Resources

You can find mineral data for Ametrine at, and you can find gemological data at See additional references and resources on crystals for metaphysical and crystal meanings.

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