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How You Can Use Crystals

Aquamarine Crystal

How you can use crystals for their powers and energy is not difficult. There are many methods. You can choose among the methods for the ways that work best for you to use crystal power. Here are just a few ways how you can use the power of crystals in your daily life and in healing rituals.

Ways To Use Them

Amulet: An amulet repels negative energies. It can be worn or carried. It really needs to be within your aura to work well. For instance, I carry Black Tourmaline as an amulet against negative energy.

Single Schorl Crystal
Black Tourmaline aka Schorl

Gazing: Crystal Balls are best known for this, but you can gaze with any stone. It might give you information by staring into its depths.

Gem Elixirs/Gem Waters: Gem Elixirs of Gem Waters can be a good way to use crystals for healing, for an environment, and more. Just make them with the indirect method so no toxins can leech into the water. You can also buy them premade.

Grids: Grids are laying out crystals and stones in a powerful design. I find that books by Ethan Lazzerini #sponsored Crystal Grids Power and #sponsored Hibiscus Moon’s Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work do a far better job of discussing grids than I could. They’re worth a read!

Keep within Aura: One strong way to use a crystal’s power is to keep it within your aura. This is easy to do with your chosen stone: wear it as jewelry, carry it in a pouch or pocket. At night you can even keep it under your pillow or on your nightstand. Know your stone if you want to use it when you go to bed; some stones carry so much energy they may keep you awake.

Meditation: Crystals can be used during meditation to concentrate and focus the energy where it is needed.

Rough Garnet

More Ways to Use Them

Other Layouts: This would be non-traditional grids and some layouts for healing. Melody’s book #sponsored Laying on of Stones is very helpful with using crystals in powerful layouts for healing.

Programming: Program cleared and charged crystals for a specific purpose. Visualization or meditation on the desired programming purpose is helpful.

Talisman: A talisman brings good things to you, such as success. Stones can be excellent talismans when worn or carried. Choose a crystal that has the energy of the quality you want, and keep it within your aura as much as you can.

Visualization: Hold your chosen stone and visualize white universal light energy entering your stone. Then, visualize it bringing its essence to you.

Quartz Crystal Cluster

Environment: Use crystals in an environment to bring harmony or other beneficial energies. A bowl of tumbled stones would work well. Or you could place crystals or geodes around the space or in the corners.

This is just a brief overview of how you can use crystals in different ways. I hope you find it helpful. Comment below if you have questions.

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