Good for the Third Eye Chakra

These are activities and items that can help you balance and open the third eye or brow chakra to promote health and well-being.

Color Therapy
Color Therapy is a good activity to strengthen the Third Eye Chakra.
Photo: Some rights reserved by shannonkringen

Exercises & Activities:

color therapy, dream journal, meditation, visualization

Blackberries. Photo: Unsplash


blackberries, blue berries, greens, green drinks and teas, poppy seed, raspberries, grape juice, red grapes, red wine

Jasmine. Photo: Aliis Sinisalu via Unsplash

Scents & Essential Oils:

angelica seed, aniseed, clary sage, frankincense, hyacinth, jasmine, lavender, lemon, peppermint, spruce, rosemary, vanilla

Flower Essences:

lavender, Queen Anne’s lace

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