Root Chakra Balance or Imbalance

There are signs of the root or base chakra being balanced and open or imbalanced and closed. There are also dis-ease states related to the imbalance of the root chakra.

Signs of Closed or Imbalanced Root or Base Chakra Energy

Excessive Energy

controlling, domineering, egotistical, greedy, judgmental, sadistic

Deficient Energy

anger, confidence issues, excessive attachments to material things, fear, feel misunderstood, feel unlovable or unworthy, fight/flight response, insecure, isolation, lack of trust, suicidal

 Depression can be a sign of root chakra imbalance.
Depression can be a sign of Root Chakra imbalance.
Photo: Some rights reserved by h.koppdelaney

Generally Imbalanced Energy

feel like not being heard or noticed, difficulty manifesting things needed in life, scarcity thinking

Signs of Balanced or Open Energy

ability to trust, cares for body physically, centered, does not criticize others, grounded, love life, manifestation, sense of being fully alive, sense of safety and security, sufficient abundance, sense of acceptance, strong, clear chakra color,

Related Dis-ease

addictions to food, alcohol, or sex, AIDS, anal problems, anorexia, arthritis, back pain, candida, compulsive disorders, constipation, depression, genital problems, gynecological issues, hemorrhoids, herpes, immune system deficiencies, leg problems (including knees and feet), obesity, pain in legs, feet, knees or spine, physical pain, prostate problems, paralysis, sciatica, varicose veins, weight problems

 Loving life is a sign of a balanced, open root chakra. Photo: Some rights reserved by Pink Sherbet Photography
Loving life is a sign of balanced, open root chakra.
Photo: Some rights reserved by Pink Sherbet Photography

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