Heart Chakra Crystals & Stones

Dioptase is a Heart Chakra stone.

Some crystals and stones relate to the energy of the 4th Heart chakra and its energies of love and emotions.

Heart Chakra Crystals

  • actinolite
  • aquamarine
  • cuprite (balances heart chakra with root chakra)
  • diopside
  • dioptase
  • emerald
Rough Emerald
Emerald is a Heart Chakra Stone. Photo: AdobeStock

More Crystals

  • fluorite
  • apatite, green
  • aventurine, green
  • green calcite
  • grossular green garnet
  • green jade
  • euclase
  • kunzite (pink spodumene)
  • kyanite, green
  • malachite
Botryoidal Malachite
Malachite is a Heart Chakra stone in all its forms including these botryoidal growths.

Even More Crystals

Rose Quartz Tumbles
Rose Quartz is a Heart Chakra stone. Photo: AdobeStock

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