Crown Chakra Crystals

Ametrine Crown Chakra Crystals
Ametrine. Photo: AdobeStock

Certain crystals and stones relate to the Crown Chakra. Learn here about many of these crystals.

Some Crystals And Stones

These are some Crown Chakra stones and crystals:

Apophyllite Crown Chakra Crystal
Apophyllite. Photo: AdobeStock

These are also related crystals:

  • chevron (banded) amethyst
  • danburite
  • diamond
  • euclase
  • gold
Gold. Photo: L. Hargrave

More Crown Chakra Crystals:

Herkimer Diamond Quartz in matrix
Herkimer Diamond Quartz in Matrix.
Photo: AdobeStock

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Additional Related Stones:

Selenite is a Crown Chakra crystal.
Selenite. Photo: AdobeStock
  • spodumene
  • sugilite
  • sunstone
  • tanzanite.

In addition, most white or clear crystals, many purple stones, and others are related to this chakra. Keep in mind that some stones relate to two or more chakras energy, too.

Learn more about the Crown Chakra.

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