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Crown Chakra Symbol

The Sanskrit name of the seventh chakra is Sahasrara, meaning “thousandfold”, for its symbol the thousand petal lotus which represents the eternal and infinite nature of Spirit. This energy center is related to enlightenment and spirituality, as well as other things.

Associated with:

divinity, enlightenment, guidance, harmony, higher self, knowing, liberation, life force energy, Oneness with the universe, spirituality, union with the cosmos and the Divine, wisdom


White, violet/purple, and gold are colors for this chakra.


top of the head

Apophyllite is a Crown Chakra crystal.  Photo: AdobeStock

Related Crystals and Stones:

Crown Chakra Crystals

The Saharara Crown Chakra says,

“I am One.”

This chakra, the seventh chakra, is considered a “higher” chakra because it is in the top three of the seven major chakras.


Ama-Kala, Inanna, Shiva

Shiva. Photo: Satish Magapuri on Unsplash


thought, cosmic energy

Beneficial Foods, Exercises, and More

Discover the foods, exercises, and more that are good for this chakra.

Body Parts/Organs/Glands:

brain, center of the head, cerebral cortex, fontanel, head, pain center, pineal gland, pituitary gland, nervous system

Planets Related to the Sahasrara Chakra:

Uranus, also The Universe

Photo: Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash


sense of Oneness

Signs of Balanced or Imbalanced Energy and Related Dis-ease

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Chakra Stones
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