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About Robyn andSacredCrystalMeanings.com

I’m Robyn Harton. I’m a long time intuitive, jewelry artist, crystal fanatic, mandala and mixed media artist, writer, Reiki and Seichim Master Teacher, and non-denominational minister with the goal of shining what light I can in this Universe. I help raise funds for animal charities and am a crazy cat lady. I’ve been writing and blogging about crystal meanings, spiritual topics, jewelry, cats, and more for almost 20 years. I also make my own line of handmade jewelry.

Robyn Hartonm Creator of SacredCrystalMeanings.com
Robyn Harton Creator of SacredCrystalMeanings.com

I’m the creator of SacredCrystalMeanings.com. It has been about 25 years now that I have been working with crystals. My approach to crystal work and crystal healing are from a spiritual, metaphysical perspective. It works for me. SacredCrystalMeanings.com is crystal meanings and related jewelry also approached from a spiritual perspective. It may not be your cup of tea, and that is cool. I respect other approaches and opinions. This, however, is the approach I have been led to use. I believe we should each find our own best path.


About the Disclaimers

Why do I have disclaimers about crystal healing meanings? The answer is simple: I want you to be well. Crystal healing fosters an environment for and supports healing.  It is not a substitute for medical care, nor is it a prescription nor medical advice. So please, please see a doctor or other licensed healthcare practitioner about all illnesses or injuries.


I will be offering my handmade and selected jewelry here at SacredCrystalMeanings.com as soon as I can get photos taken and so on. My emphasis in art school was the design and creation of jewelry. With added Reiki charged energy, I feel it is even better. I love making jewelry. I hope I can make your patience worth its while.

Important Information

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Please also read the important information about using SacredCrystalMeanings.com. And do visit The Sacred Crystal Meanings before you go.

I hope you enjoy SacredCrystalMeanings.com. It has been a pleasure to create.


Many Blessings!

Robyn Harton

A few crystals to start your journey around my site are diamond, moonstone, and sapphire. Below are two of my Seichim and Reiki certificates.

Seichim Certificate

This is a copy of my Seichim Master Teacher certificate from October 7, 1994. It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years already! While I do practice Seichim, I have not taught in years. I have not had time and energy to give students what they need because of my other projects. That is to say that projects like this site take more of my time and hopefully reach more people.

Reiki CertificateI received my Reiki Master and Teacher certificate March 13, 1997. Only 22 years so far. Heee

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