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I am beyond thrilled to be welcoming you to my site on crystals from a spiritual, metaphysical perspective. There’s already a lot to go over, but there is also even more to come. What would you like to see? What crystal meanings would you like to see? Let me know! I’ll do my best to get it up as quickly as possible. You can also learn a bit about me and the site if you would like.

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Larimar Tumbles
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Updated for you recently: Ruby and Lapis Lazuli

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Sacred Crystal Meanings Articles & Resources

Clearing and Charging Crystals

Birthstones and Zodiac Stones

CitrineOval Cut CitrineHappiness, Success, Prosperity

You can find mineralogical stone information at mindat.org. And gemological information at gemdat.org. And more crystals will be added regularly.

In the meanwhile, you can see some of my
sacred crystal meanings references and resources.

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